Memphis father-daughter legal duo working behind the scenes as technical advisers for NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’

Updated: Sep. 23, 2019 at 9:59 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Jimmy Smits and Caitlin McGee relied on a Memphis father-daughter legal duo to be technical advisers for the first season of “Bluff City Law.” And from there, friendship emerged!

“It’s just been such a fun ride,” said Lauran Stimac.

When we first met Stimac and her dad, Richard Glassman, back in May, the stars of NBC’s “Bluff City Law” had already shot the pilot in the Mid-South, and the first season was on order.

“It was written before they met us,” Glassman said. “But the similarities are unbelievable.”

Glassman and Stimac were brought on as technical advisers for the first episode, a role they continued once NBC decided to shoot the first season on location in Memphis. That means for the past few months the pair has screened episode scripts and worked on set alongside McGee and Smits for all the legal scenes to make the show as life-like as possible.

“So between the two of them, having them here as our real right hand it is so important,” McGee told WMC Action News 5.

"Lauran and Richard have been, I lean on them so much, " said Smits. “They’ve opened themselves up to us in terms of their firm, their life stories.”

The dynamics between each duo are different. Viewers will see McGee and Smits characters’ trying to navigate a complicated relationship, while Glassman and Stimac get along quite well.

But it’s the feeling between a father-daughter legal team that is the same, a feeling of pride and gratitude that the two say is hard to put into words.

“Toward the end of the pilot, you’ll see Caitlin and Jimmy exchange a look. And that’s a look that I have felt and received,” said Stimac.

Stimac and Glassman got one big nod in the pilot when writers re-wrote a scene to incorporate their use of sticky notes, something they do frequently in trials.

“Whispering strategy of things we don’t want the jury to hear is not an option for us,” Stimac said jokingly. " One of us is capable of whispering, but the other is not. And so we use stick notes to communicate about strategy."

The stars said they’re grateful to have Memphis inspiration to rely on.

“They helped enormously in terms of procedural stuff, with regard to the law and with their heart and soul. They’ve brought themselves and Memphis, the importance of Memphis,” said Smits.

“They are a father-daughter who work together, which is such a gift that they stumbled upon that,” said McGee.

Glassman and Stimac said they’re proud to help.

“There’s this great mutual respect between us and them for each other’s professions,” said Stimac.

“You can’t say enough about how they love Memphis and have portrayed Memphis as a character in the show,” said Glassman.

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